Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome! Today's Arabic letter is "Saad" ص

Today's Arabic letter is "Saad" 
Saad is the 14th letter in the Arabic Script and her English language equivalent is "S".  The "S" is capitalized because Saad is one of four "emphatic" letters in Arabic.

You know the old joke about "the emPHasis being on the wrong sylLABle"? This is it in action; Emphatic.

Saad ص, Daad ض, Taa ط and DHaa ظ are the 4 "emphatic" letters in Arabic. Remember; "emPHasis" and "sylLABle".

ش "shiin" was yesterday's letter.
ص "Saad" is today's letter.
ض "Daad" is tomorrow's letter.

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