Thursday, December 1, 2050

MARHABA! Welcome to Arabic for Beginners...

Dear Reader,
Congratulations and Welcome to Arabic for Beginners! Your first and most important task is to get familiar with the Arabic Alphabet Script; she's a real beauty but she'll tear your head off if you don't respect her.. Learn to love the individual letters and how to write them. All the rest (vocabulary, grammar and the like) will follow in due time.

This blog is a revolving "Letter-of-the-Day" calendar. That means we'll post a new Arabic letter each day, and restart the Arabic Alphabet from the beginning, the 1st of every month.

Each post is presented as a "Letter-of-the-Day" calendar page that you can print and hang on your wall. Right-click and select "save as..." to download and print each day's lesson. Not only are they great conversation pieces and learning tools, they're also great looking!